AdWords Management For Better Exposure On Google – Make The Most Of Your Click Spend

We’ll get you on the front of Google – even at the top.

And give a free £75 credit for new accounts.

Will Williams/AdWords Guy was one of the first UK AdWords Certified Partners. I have a great grasp of strategy, functionality, and how it all ties together. Getting the variables right is important – but so is being able to explain the reasoning to you, the client! I talk it out in a very down-to-earth way that makes perfect sense – so you can be more involved in the decision making and feel confident that you understand what’s happening.

You’ll benefit from the latest of what AdWords has to offer, if appropriate – e.g. Remarketing (display ads to people who have been on your site before, with new messages or offers), or using dimensions and search funnels for enhanced optimisation.

Case Study:
Blue Chip Holidays

I took over this luxury holiday account from one of the largest agencies in the UK. It required seven separate accounts building, with around 300,000 unique keywords, all broken down into specific niched AdGroups. The keywords all lead to relevant ads, which take the visitor to the most relevant landing page.

The results – a massive improvement. In one peak month, I increased bookings from around 300 (£60 cost per booking) to 1257 (£29 cost per booking). Thats over 400% increase, at less than half the cost per booking! This means an incredible increase in exposure, as well as excellent relevance. Getting the right message to the right person at the right time. Across the year, sales increased from 200-400% to previous.

Also, using Facebook advertising with a bespoke “Welcome” page, I was also able to increase the fanbase from 90 to 4500+ in 3 months.

Context – All The Pieces Matter

You won’t just get the best of a straight-talking AdWords professional (who beats big agency performance), you’ll get someone with an eye for copywriting, landing page optimisation, website design – and a mind for intuitive marketing ideas.


My website and AdWords marketing campaign you created has now been running for over 2 years, and I wanted to say thank you for the incredible job you did for me. Without doubt the impact you have had has been huge on my businesses development. I really wasn’t sure before I met you that the internet and Google was relevant or affordable to a small business Like mine. With your support and guidance I decided to give it a go – thank you so much. the work it has generated has been amazing, both in quality and quantity. I no longer feel I am throwing money at advertising but very accurately reaching my customer. What’s more when my customers visits my Website, I am constantly told that my friendly no nonsense presentation is what made the difference for them to call me over my many competitors. You have put me in my customers view and then reassured them of my Credibility the rest is down to my Business which you have made very, very busy! If any of your future customers would like reassurance in the quality and rewards your work has brought to my business please give them my details I would be only to pleased to recommend your work. Thank you again so very much.”

Geoff Price, Aerial Installations