Facebook Marketing and Fan Building

What can Facebook be used for, besides boring your friends with your enthusiasm for the weekend?

Pay per click marketing – we build Facebook advertising accounts based around your products and services, and aimed directly at your target market. Facebook’s advertising system is great for very specific situations, where there is a niche target market, or something with a highly compelling conversion process. Its unique in that you can target very specific categories. You can also gain exposure and branding for free – your ad is likely to be seen by many more thousands than those who actually click on it.

Building a fan base – our AdWords Guy Will was able to build a luxury holiday company’s fan base from 90 to 4500+ in just a few months. Building a fan base is like building a mailing list – you can interact with your fans with special offers, news and updates. Your fan’s friends will see their interactions and may become fans too – so the group always grows.

We use a range of tactics to build fan bases. We rarely see Facebook business pages making the most of it – because its still relatively new. For example, a specific welcome page that encourages new visitors to “like” the page and become fans – with the promise of a special offer or some wanted information. The welcome page then changes for those who are fans. Using photographic competitions to encourage interaction and exposure. Writing status messages that encourage interaction, for example asking fans to get involved with their thoughts or tastes. Its far more “likeable” than simply updating what you’re up to!

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