Devon Business Marketing

devon-marketingIf you’re a business near Exeter, Devon, then you might like to arrange a local meet-up.

Whether you market yourself locally or nationally, nothing beats some old-fashioned face-to-face discussion. If you prefer to talk on the phone or email then that’s fine too – but you might appreciate someone local who understands the area and is available if you need to talk.

I’ll happily discuss and explain how your business could suit various marketing channels – including ideas for the website, getting free traffic, using paid traffic, and anything else you want to know.

When I meet with businesses, I can get a much better understanding than what is achievable over the phone or email. Business owners sometimes talk about their fear of “new technology”, feeling overwhelmed with all the options, and feeling cautious about not knowing to invest in marketing-wise. I explain the various options in a down-to-earth way that makes perfect sense to even the most old-school business mind – and in a way that is always suited to the particular business needs.

Local or National Marketing

There are very different options available depending on whether you want to market your website to just local traffic, or nationally. Some businesses have a need for both – e.g. an Exmouth printing company who offers glass engraving nationally, but only wants to focus on local traffic for printing. I help explain what a website needs – both in terms of how to approach your target market, and the things you need to focus on to get as much traffic as possible.


I’ll normally (but not always) charge expenses for travelling to a meet, but this will be deducted from any work you subsequently have done. Think of it like a marketing consultancy – the advice and direction alone is very valuable. Sometimes after just an hour of conversation, someone with a new or existing business idea thinks about it in a completely different way to how they did before.

A Local Testimonial

The website and AdWords marketing campaign you created has now been running for over 2 years, and I wanted to say thank you for the incredible job you did for me. Without doubt the impact you have had has been huge on my businesses development. I really wasn’t sure before I met you that the internet and Google was relevant or affordable to a small business Like mine. With your support and guidance I decided to give it a go – thank you so much. the work it has generated has been amazing, both in quality and quantity. I no longer feel I am throwing money at advertising but very accurately reaching my customer. What’s more when my customers visits my Website, I am constantly told that my friendly no nonsense presentation is what made the difference for them to call me over my many competitors. You have put me in my customers view and then reassured them of my Credibility the rest is down to my Business which you have made very, very busy! If any of your future customers would like reassurance in the quality and rewards your work has brought to my business please give them my details I would be only to pleased to recommend your work. Thank you again so very much.”

Geoff Price, Aerial Installations, Exmouth

What Next?

Get in touch via the form to the right! Let me know how is best to contact you, and I’ll then get in touch to chat about your business needs. There will be no pressure from me at all.