Conversion Optimisation

A client presents with “somethings wrong – I’m not getting any sales”.

What’s the solution – throw more money at AdWords? Throw in some more keywords? Throw in a grenade and start again?

An important part of the work I do for businesses is Conversion Optimisation – finding bottlenecks and widening them so that more visitors make it through the sales process.

Example bottlenecks:

Its absolutely vital to make the most of your traffic, regardless of your website budget. Not doing so is like getting all dressed up for a date, then going to McDonalds.

Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference to the conversion rates – changes to a headline for example might double the amount of people who read your sales page. Spicing up dull content with something a bit lighter or jazzier might work wonders.

As an example, I changed the landing page for a removals company to the testimonials page. The number of enquiries increased by 30% – bringing the cost per enquiry figure right down. This was an intuitive choice – people moving house will be looking for trust.


Using Google Analytics is an important part of this process, so I would always recommend signing up for an account – its free and incredibly useful. Its important to be scientific about data – look at the hard evidence of what works and what doesn’t. Getting caught behind irrational biases such as “lets leave the site alone – my wife likes it” can cost you lots of potential business in the long run! However, I realise that some things need to be left alone for various reasons so I’ll always work as best I can within my boundary.

Another thing to realise is that all feedback is good feedback. If something isn’t working, then knowing about why is a great thing – it enables you to do something about it! I say the same thing to businesses who fret about their homemade AdWords account not working – its far more useful to learn what specifically isn’t working because its vital feedback for your business.

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